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Renewed Homes is a local West Michigan real estate investment company committed to helping our community members move on from troublesome houses and away from financial worry. We meet with homeowners in person, to evaluate homes fairly, and to offer the solutions that best fit your unique situation. Whether you’d like to move on from a home quickly, are interested in repairing it to sell for top dollar, or would like to stay in your home and pay off debt, Renewed Homes would like to help. We purchase homes as-is, in cash, but we also work to help homeowners repair and resell homes, and we find solutions for homeowners in debt, too. At Renewed Homes, we pride ourselves on fast, reliable, and fair service, and we work to reach out to each new client within 24 hours.

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Home Cash Offer

Renewed Homes is committed to helping people move on from their unwanted homes. We’ll make a fair offer for the size and location of your home — always in cash. 

Repair & Renovate

Hoping to sell your home for top dollar, but worried about making repairs yourself? Let our team of expert flippers and real estate agents help you repair and resell for the best price.

Solutions that Suit You

We are always working to find the creative financial solution that’s best for you. Stay in your home and pay off debt, or let us help you build up your credit so you can move on easily.

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Selling Your Home

All the information you need to to make the decision that’s best for you and your family when it comes to selling or rehabbing your home. 

Cost of Selling Your

Home Through

a Retail Transaction

Homeowners enter into the retail transaction process because it’s the only option they know. This guide will help you better understand the transaction process. 

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