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What Our Customers Are Saying

At Renewed Homes, the needs of our clients always come first. Whether you’re hoping to sell, flip, or stay in your home and pay off debt, we’re here to find the solution that works best for you. Here are a few of our previous customers’ honest reviews of our team, and our services:

Jay was an absolute pleasure to work with! He was thorough, easy to work with, knowledgeable and answered every question we had clearly. I found Renewed Homes through a Google search and am very glad I chose Jay to work with. The whole process went very smoothly and quickly, and he worked with us on our time line for the actual move. In fact, he was flexible enough to let us choose our own time line completely. Very highly recommend!

-Jessie N.

Jay and Renewed Homes are simply a blessing to work with. He is super conscientious and considerate of your needs and wants. He is thorough and flexible, uniquely able and willing to listen and help you as a person as opposed to just a business deal. His heart is for people even more than for business and I’m proud to have met and dealt with him.

– Michael M.

Jay and the team at Renewed Homes were great to deal with. I had a house I was looking to sell and they had me a buyer with a return I was very happy with in only two days! They made the closing process as easy as it can be and clearly communicated with me from start to finish. Highly recommend for any wholesales, flips, or sales you need completed quickly!

-Brock C.

Jay and Renewed Homes was amazing! And that is an understatement. My boyfriend and I took over the mortgage on my LARGE family home two years ago with plans to fix it up and sell it. Fast forward two years, I am in grad school, my boyfriend is working 60-80 hour weeks, and we were drowning in the mortgage and other bills with no money or time left over for renovations. We needed to get out from under the house as quickly, inexpensively, and seamlessly as possible! Jay did that for us. He was quick to respond to my inquiry, set up a time to see the place right away, and the next day we were completing a purchase agreement. He explained everything in detail, made sure we still walked away with a decent profit, and gave us enough time to get everything packed up and moved out. Communication was great throughout the entire process and selling our home truly could not have been any easier. Highly recommend Jay and his team at Renewed Homes to anyone who has a fixer upper they need to get out from under! Awesome company.


– Abby M.

I would recommend Rewewed Homes!! When you’re in need to sell your home fast, call Jay Williams, he is very dependable. It’s hassle free.

– Dana S.

I was in a desperate situation and then I saw an ad with Jay’s name on it. I called thinking this probably would not work out. When I met Jay I was surprised how much energy and knowledge he had about real estate. He was very quick to make an offer and was on top of the sale. The entire transaction was quick and thorough. I was very happy with my experience with Renewed Homes.

– Amy C.

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