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If you’re planning to sell your home, especially without repairs, the process can feel daunting. Maybe you have a lot to do; in addition to the chore of packing you’re concerned about the repairs and preparation needed before you can put your house on the market. Maybe these repairs are time-consuming, complicated, or just too expensive. Worrying about the work that lies ahead makes it that much more difficult to get started, and the end goal that much further away.

Know that you aren’t alone. Many homeowners feel the same pressure when approaching a sale. There are plenty of resources that can help you turn your home into real estate, ready for the market.

Know that you have options. If you want to sell your home without making many — or any — repairs, it can be done. Here are a few ways to tackle the home-selling process with as little stress as possible:


Do it Yourself

If you are determined to put in the work and make repairs to your home, try to focus on one step at a time. Get assessments or talk to experts about potential projects that will increase your home’s value. These could range from new paint colors to a new roof.

Of course, you’ll have to consider if the work and time you will put into these projects will be reflected in the sale price of your home. If it’s worth it to make some small changes and leave the biggest projects for the next owners, prioritize the work that is essential and stick to a careful budget.

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Working with a realtor may help you recognize which areas of your home need work and what to leave alone. They can also help advertise your home and lure potential buyers. Be aware that a realtor will take commission after your home’s sale for their services, generally around five or six percent of the sale price — a chunk of change that could have been money in your wallet.

The other factor to consider when selling your home is time. In addition to the time it takes to find a buyer, the following inspections and the closing process could drag out. Any repairs or changes you make to your home will push that end date even further, leaving you with your picket-fenced burden for longer than you’d like.


Sell Home Without Making Repairs

Repairs can be a hassle. If you decide to do away with them altogether and sell your home without making repairs, be prepared to lower your expectations for the sale price. A buyer won’t be willing to pay a high price if they know they’ll be spending more to fix up the property immediately after the sale. 

If you aren’t worried about a slightly lower return or the costs of repairs to your home wouldn’t be worth the time or stress, selling your home in a fix-it-upper state might be your best option. In this case, you need to market your home to a buyer looking for a project, one that has a vision and the funds to back it up. It might be tricky to find the right one, but it can be done. Again, a realtor might help you do this, but they come with their own expenses.


Sell to a Michigan Real Estate Investor

There’s still another option if you want to sell your home quickly without having to make repairs, which is to sell to a reputable investor. If you sell to a Michigan real estate investor, you won’t need to worry about repairs, and you can sell your home in a short time, maybe even for a cash offer.

A real estate investor looks for homes that need a little extra care and they have the power to invest in projects like a new roof, HVAC, siding, paint and prep and more. Homes like yours are perfect candidates because they are well-cared-for, and with some remodeling or updating can make the perfect home for a new owner.

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If you aren’t sure about the cash sale route but are looking for support while you make a few repairs, an investor like Renewed Homes can help you prepare your home for sale. You can maintain control over the process but you won’t have to face the work alone.

At Renewed Homes, we know that life doesn’t slow down, no matter what challenges you’re facing. If you want to sell quickly, we will meet with you in less than 48 hours to walk through your home with you and listen to your story. We want to help you take control of your life, and if selling your home will help you do that, know that we’re here for you. Whether you want to sell it yourself or sell your home without making repairs, we have the resources to make it happen.

Interested in learning more about your options for selling a home that needs repairs? Whether you’re looking for an as-is cash sale or a more creative solution, Renewed Homes can help.