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All cash home buyers are quite common in the real estate world. The practice of purchasing homes for a cash offer and flipping them or turning them into rental properties has been around for a long, long time. Real estate investors see homes that have a lot of potential and know that their time and capital can be put to good use fixing up a home for a new family. 

However, some all cash home buyers can bring risks to your home sale, so it’s important to find a buyer you trust and make sure the sale is legitimate before moving forward. Let’s talk about all cash home buyers: not only the potential risks and what to watch out for, but also the benefits the right all cash home buyer can provide for you and your home sale.

Risks of an All Cash Home Buyer

An all cash offer can appear promising on paper, but not everything may be as it seems. Before selling your home to an all cash home buyer, you should be aware of the potential risks, such as a lower sale price or potential scams.

Lower Sale Price

May try to make a lower offer because it’s in cash, while you may have some room to counter, all cash offers don’t tend to stick around for long. It’s up to you whether the cash is worth lowering your price expectations. In some cases, if you just need to sell quickly, a lower sale price can help a home sell faster. 

The right all cash offer will be one that matches your home’s market value in its current condition. If an all cash home buyer tries to convince you to sell for significantly less than your home is worth, it’s good to be wary and do some research into the company offering to purchase your home.

Potential Scams

Although rare, some home buying scams may try to disguise themselves as all cash buyers. They pose as real estate investors interested in your home, and may even prey on a difficult financial situation or reason to sell quickly. Fortunately, scams are easy to spot if you’re willing to do your homework. You can look into investment companies that make offers on your home to make sure they are reputable and trustworthy.

How to Spot a Scam

Start by doing a simple search for their company online. Look at their company’s website and see how much information they can provide about their buying process, previous projects, and even testimonials from previous homeowners. If you’re still unsure, call their office and speak with a representative. A reputable real estate investor will be able to answer your questions and talk to you plainly about your options, while a scammer will try to talk in circles until you feel like you’re getting nowhere or try to convince you that you have no other options. 

What Does a Reputable Real Estate Investor Look Like?

Reputable real estate investors want you to get what you need out of the sale. They genuinely care about you and your home and want to make sure the sale is beneficial to everyone involved. They’re active in the area where you live and have a positive reputation for revitalizing homes and improving the neighborhood. 

Real estate investors actually help stabilize the neighborhood by making essential repairs and updates to tired-looking homes. If you don’t have the time, patience, or capital to fix up your home for the traditional real estate market — that’s where the investor comes in. They can help you get the home off your hands, and help your home reach its full potential. 

It’s important to be aware when you go into any home sale with an all cash home buyer, but there’s no reason to be concerned if your buyer offers cash. In fact, all cash home sales have many benefits.

Benefits of an All Cash Home Buyer

When you sell your home for cash, you can often sell your home fast, sell it in as-is condition, and without the risks of a traditional purchase offer.

Sell Your Home Quickly

When your home buyer pays in cash, you can skip the lengthy closing process that traditionally occurs when you have to wait for the buyer to negotiate the sale price, complete closing contracts, perform inspections, and secure financing. . Although many real estate investors prefer to work quickly (sometimes closing on a sale in as few as five days), a cash sale allows for more flexibility and can happen according to your preferred timeline.

Sell Your Home As-Is 

All cash sales are typically also as-is sales, meaning you can sell your home in its current condition, with no repairs, changes, or updates needed. This also means you also get to skip the stagings, showings, and open houses of a traditional sale and fast forward to the offer.

Sell Your Home With No Surprises 

When you sell to an all cash home buyer, there’s no chance of mortgage rejection or other contingencies risking the sale falling through. A buyer who’s prepared to make an offer in cash has the means to purchase the home immediately and you can trust that when the offer is received your home sale will be able to wrap up quickly.

As long as you know the investor is reputable and trustworthy, there’s no reason a cash sale can’t work for you and offer you many benefits. However, there have been cases where the buyer doesn’t have your best interests in mind, so a bit of caution is healthy. Make sure to vet any buyers so you feel comfortable with the sale before it moves forward. 

Renewed Homes is a trusted, local real estate investor who has been working in West Michigan for years now. If you’re looking for a cash buyer you can trust, give us a call.

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